Saturday, March 14, 2015


I wish I could say that I found this suite, but I did not. A good friend, BeAFoxxyLady, is the person who discovered this amazing work. But once I saw it in her album, I knew that I had to visit this doll. And I knew that I had the direction for my next blog.

Have you ever had a dream, so real that you didn't know if you were dreaming any longer or if you had been awake the entire time? Have you ever seen an image that put you in a place, be it a good place or bad place, and you had to shake yourself to break free? Well the next suites do just that! They are so lucid and true in their design, that you can't seem to escape their haunting images.

What is more beautiful than the love of a mother for her young? There are so many ways to capture this love, but I especially appreciate how this doll did it.

kathat0's suite

It is simply ...amazing... ...


I took this photo in black and white, because the suite exuded a darkness that a colour photo could not express. It wasn't a scary darkness... but one that made me sad, a darkness that made me feel very alone.

zombelina's suite

It is a perfect place to visit, but I don't know how long I could live there. The truth is sometimes more than we can bear.


I want to go! I've never been to an enchanted world and this one looks oh so inviting! Perhaps we can swim with the mermaids and fly with the eagles....

Lotta2000's suite

The dream, is no longer a dream, it has become a beautiful suite.


Don't wake me up for this creative process! This must be how Dali saw the world. Where the boundaries of life are the limitations of your imagination.
GoreyEddy's suite

What a great ride!


What you do you see? You see exactly what this doll wishes for you to see... nothing more and nothing less... The direction is clear, the meaning is clear, the beauty is clear...

Lulluplix's suite


Friday, February 20, 2015


I have been running into a number of suites that have made me stop and stare... Not suites that were decorated, per se, they were just different, unique, amazing! They made me think... where did these dolls come up with such amazing ideas. They made me think... what does it really mean? They made me think!

So this is my first suite that I would like to share with you. An image out of a fantasy book, or a dream, or a parallel universe. A beautiful image that made me think...

fotini00's suite
I hope you enjoy this suite as much as I did. This is a very talented doll, with a wonderful imagination.


You tell me, what do you think. Is this creepy... Is this beautiful... Is this sad...

Candylove334's suite

I love it! I find it hauntingly beautiful, a little unnerving and most definitely unique!